Our brand is who we are. It’s the set of ideas, emotions, and associations that come to mind whenever anyone thinks of Avalanche®. It’s our apparel, our advertising, our website, and in every communication that comes from us. But it’s more than that. Our brand is in all of our activities – collaborating with our licensees right through to our marketing. It’s also there in the way we talk to our customers and colleagues, and the way we interact with everyone else on behalf of Avalanche®.


Avalanche® was born in 1987 on the north shore of Boston, Massachusetts and has made its home in historic Salem, Massachusetts. We are an authentic family owned and operated active outdoor apparel company built on tradition.
With Ron now at the helm for over 29 years he has lead the way in staying true to the family’s rich New England heritage. Our skilled and passionate team, made-up of family and friends, has created a unique culture for Avalanche®. From product design to every aspect of our business, we have always stayed true to our passion for the outdoor lifestyle. Ron’s passion for what he does and commitment to customers has earned him a reputation as a leader in the industry known for his ability to create high quality active apparel priced for everyone.



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