MFG, LLC took its first step in 2003 as a manufacturer of ladies outerwear and sweaters. The goal was to provide the latest styles and fashions at affordable prices. Over the years our collection has continued to expand to include different fabrications such as wool, fleece, PU, nylon, sateen, faux fur, acrylic, rayon and twill. Our current collection consist of Jackets, Vests and Sweaters and we cater to toddlers, kids, girls (2T-16) junior, missy and plus sizes. We owe our success to our fashionable and budget conscious consumer. In our appreciation of them we will continue brining trends at the most affordable pricing keeping our founding goal true and dear to our hearts. “Yoki is where fashion meets inspiration.”


The success with our women’s line has allowed us to expand our collection to a Men’s line of outerwear and sweaters. We are very optimistic for the success for this line and are confident that our consumer will enjoy this line just as much as our women’s.


Celsius Premium is our luxury collection. It was developed for the fashionista in all of us, someone who needs something special at a department store value and quality without the department store pricing. Celsius is staying true to its focus by providing outerwear in premium fabrications and styles that our consumer has come to expect. We are always looking for inspiration from styles seen on runways around the world. “Celsius is Chic and innovative”


Having made a strong impact in a short period of time; Celsius is expanding its collection to include swanky and tasteful sweaters.






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